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Mini Refineries

The main principles of the Mini Refinery are:
  • Adjustable quality of received oil products.
  • Operational safety in accordance with all norms of industrial safety (Euro Standards).
  • Reliable operation in operating mode.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Responsibility for carrying out the entire cycle of works with commissioning.
  • Adjustable output of the refinery based on applicant request.
  • Small Size.


  • All our Refineries comply with the Euro 5 standards
  • We give 5 years guarantee for the each of our installations
  • We use the latest technology available for refining heavy hydrocarbons to the lighter ones
  • Our refineries can be designed as the universal feed without any limitation.
  • Our refineries are cost effective


Petroleum sludge refining refers to the process of treating and processing petroleum sludge to recover valuable resources and reduce environmental impact. Petroleum sludge is a mixture of oil, water, and solid materials that accumulates during the production, transportation, and storage of petroleum products.

The refining of petroleum sludge typically involves several steps. First, the sludge is separated into its components, including oil, water, and solids. The oil is then further processed through techniques such as thermal desorption or solvent extraction to remove impurities and recover usable hydrocarbons.

After the oil recovery, the remaining water and solid materials undergo treatment. Various techniques like sedimentation, filtration, and centrifugation are used to separate water from solid particles. The water can be further treated to remove contaminants and meet regulatory standards for discharge or reuse.

Solid materials from the sludge can be processed through methods such as thermal treatment or stabilization to reduce their volume and convert them into more manageable forms for disposal or potential reuse.


Waste Destructors

Plasma Technology used in Universal Garbage Destructors. During the process we assure that there will be no fuel, smoke and pollution. The principle of operation of the Destructors is based on filtration combustion of carbon-containing materials in a counterflow mode. 

Please kindly check below file to know more about Waste Destructors



  • Highly efficient refineries using Nano Technology
  • Thermal plasma garbage/waste destructor
  • Autonomous electric generator (using cavitation effect)
  • Long life electric Plasma Generator
  • Covid-19 virus detection probe in one minute
  • Cleaning air in closed areas for Corona and other viruses and bacteria


As a manufacturer, Nikoil responses to any request for power generators in any size, including:
  • Tower powers
  • Solar
  • Wind power
  • Geothermal
  • Sea tide
  • River pressure
  • etc

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