About Us

What we do?

Nikoil has designed and manufactured refinery equipment of any capacity and configuration since 2000. Our technology consists of Nano Technology, plasma technology, pyrolysis, Hydrocracking, Deep cracking and Catalytic reforming.

Refinery Building is a collective work; therefore, we use our group which form a full and comprehensive team of experts to make sure the best quality and latest technology to make reliable and cost effective refineries.

Recently, we have finished our project for making Universal Destructors for Garbage and waste materials with a very high efficiency.

In 2023, we start negotiating with some project owners to build Sulphur plants, Hydrogen Plant and refining oil sludge in a large scale.

Who are We?

Nikoil is an international company established with the principle to develop and carry out various advance sectors including; New High Technologies, Oil and gas Commodity supply, Building Refineries, Supplying health care products and technology, Providing environmental solution, Providing energy, Information communication technology, Oil and gas technologies, and Financial and general consultation. With professional resources we always provide quality products with the best service.
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